Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Blog - Toddler Teething Madness!

1:40 P.M
This poor kid! Last night i couldnt get him to go to sleep until almost 1 a.m, He usually goes to sleep at 9, latest at 10. Every time i would put him in his crib he would scream and scream and even growled a few times so i had no choice but to get him up , hold him etc. Even then he would break out in fits of whining and or crying. All that is after some ibuprofen. 
This morning we wake up and its right back to the whining, screaming fit throwing im going to stand under your feet and yell at you until you hold me , thing. Currently he is eating his lunch peacefully and i am PRAYING that nap time goes smoothly so i can clean the living room for the 3rd time today and possibly take a nice peaceful shower! Now its off to clean this little mac n cheese monster! 

3:20 P.M
After i got Jace cleaned up from lunch i started on the kitchen. He was into everything (including some batteries which he felt the need to put in his mouth )and thankfully he was getting tired. So at 2:15 i put him down for a nap and he was out!! Oh what a relief it is!! This momma needed a break, and a shower! So its 3 20 now and i got my shower, finished the kitchen, swept and mopped and cleaned the living room. AGAIN. 
On another note, something is wrong with our light switch in the bath room, its like stuck or something so we now currently do not have light in the bathroom :/ Its been acting up for over a week and i guess we should have done something about it then lol 
For the rest of Jaces nap i am going to sit here, yup, just sit. Probably watch some you tube videos or something.

5:30 P.M
Hubby just got home from work not to long ago. Jace slept almost 2 1/2 hours , i think he needed it! He is in a much better mood since napping and i enjoyed my alone time just sitting watching Doogie Howser MD and eating ramen lol. I love Doogie, actually i love all the older tv shows from the late 80s and 90s. 
Im so tired, i hope that Jace decides to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Geromy has called our landlord about the bathroom light switch because we think there is a short in the wiring which could cause a fire so i hope a electrician gets out here soon, plus we have no light in there right now and its about to get dark out , i for one dont want to attempt to pee in the dark LOL

8:30 P.M
Jace had his dinner and ate almost all of it! Its not very often that he does that so i was pretty thrilled. Its a rather uneventful friday night at our house - were watching Doogie Howser still lol The electrician hasnt called us yet so there still is not light in the bathroom , sigh. That midnight trip to the bathroom should be interesting. The living room is a mess again, in fact i am pretty sure the whole house is lol. Its impossible to keep it clean with a toddler. I give up! well not really, just until tomorrow when i start the process over again. Today i had some random thoughts about money. I wouldnt want to be rich. Im sure that sounds crazy but heres my thinking, i get excited to have new things. It gives me a great feeling. Just one of those things in life i guess lol if i were rich and could get everything i wanted when i wanted it i wouldnt appreciate what i had or even get excited about it because it would be nothing new to me. I just want to be content. Which i am most of the time. Ok so enough random thoughts. 
Today was my first go at the "daily blog". In the future they will be more eventful but today was just a first :)  I will still have other random blogs and such. 
Thanks for reading 

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