Sunday, February 23, 2014

Updates & Such - Part 2 Recovery & Jaces Hospital Trips

At birth he weighed 6 lbs 5.8 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long and was the most beautiful baby i have ever seen! 

Daddy & Jace

Grandpa & Jace

Brother & Jace

Jace in the nursery after his first bath.

When i left the hospital my bp was great, my blood sugars were still a little bit elevated and i was still pretty swollen, however i was like 2 or 3 lbs UNDER my pre pregnancy weight. I was excited to be going home with my lil miracle baby. Before we left we were given a special celebration dinner from the hospital and it was amazing!

At Jace's first drs appointment he had dropped SOME weight, i cant remember the exact amount at that point but i know in total , he lost almost a lb after he was born before he started to gain again. He was pretty Jaundiced so we were sent to the lab to get his billi levels checked that day. 
He mustve been stressed because he kept pulling his hair lol
This pic shows how tiny he was and how sore i was haha

Jace - 5 days old

When he was 5 days old i noticed that he was having some pausing in his breathing when he was asleep. We called the dr and they advised us to call 911 and have him transported by ambulance back to the hospital to figure out what was going on, so we did. I have to say, i have never been so scared and sad in my whole life. This was my little 5 day old miracle and we were already on our way back to the hospital. 
When we got there they put him on monitors in the er and , long story short his oxygen levels kept dropping. At one point he became very lethargic and turned a little blue around his mouth, his heart rate and his oxygen levels dropped and he needed a little stimulation to bring him out of it. What we initially had brought him in for was referred to as periodic breathing. Apparently its very common in infants especially ones at high altitude. It is defined as a normal variation in breathing seen in infants. Basically short pauses of less that 10 seconds in their breathing. No biggie. But that wasnt all that was going on with him and im so glad that we were told to bring him in. While we were there that night, his drs office called us and told us they got his blood work back and that we needed to take him back to the hospital for billirubin being over 20. They didnt know we were already there, so we were admittied. Jace spent 24 hours under the billi light 

He was also put on oxygen because he kept Desatting as they called it, and was also having Bradycardia episodes (his heart rate dropped really low oxygen levels dropped really low) Each night they would take him off the oxygen to see how he would do and his levels would drop down in the 80s. 
They thought he was having these bradycardia issues from either being preemie and or having severe reflux. While we were in the hospital they ran multiple tests on him, blook work, ekg, 2 12 hour ph probe tests, a ultrasound of the heart to make sure there was nothing wrong there. . 
On October 13th I had to go downstairs to the er because after walking some stairs my chest got very heavy, i got dizzy and couldnt breathe well and i almost passed out. They did a ekg, chest xray, ct scan with dye a ultrasound and lab work. They were worried about cardiomyopathy or a blod clot. Everything was clear. Blood work showed my liver enzymes were still high from the Preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome and my iron levels were still low. They summed it up to be that i was over stressed , not eating right etc. So poor hubby had his son in the hospital and his wife in the er. Was not a good day. The released me to go back up to Jace but i stayed like that for a couple days :/ We were there from October 12, 2012 - October 16, 2012 he was sent home on oxygen 

On October 29 around 6 am we noticed that he was acting kinda funny, he was having some rapid eye movements , almost like REM sleep but with his eyes open. That is concerning because it could resemble seizures, so we called the doc and they told us to take him back to the er. When we got there they did more labs, and they did a ct scan. He was tiny on that big table.

 I was a mess, i kept asking god why?! I was so scared my baby was having seizures. They tried several times to get an iv in but couldnt and ended up having to put one in his head. Ugh, it was so awful, all i could do was cry and cry. The CT Scan was normal blood work was good. They called in a specialty dr who ordered a eeg to be done. We were admitted again. The eeg was done the following morning , it was awful seeing him hooked up to all those wires was awful! 
The wait to get he results back was awful! I was tired of being in the hospital, i was tired of worrying about my baby. The test showed normal brain activity no seizures. I guess it was just some sort of rem sleep cycle. We were discharged on Halloween and he was still on oxygen at that point , but he was home! <3
Jaces First Halloween! 

Updates Part 3- Coming soon! Goodnight Everyone! 

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