Saturday, March 1, 2014

How motherhood changed my thoughts

Before i was ever even pregnant i thought i was set in my opinions on the mother i was going to be. Even while i was pregnant i thought i knew. When Jace was born, all of that changed. 
When we found out that we were having a boy i was very set on him being circumcised. I thought that that was the normal and the best thing to do for my son for so many reasons. I said i wasnt going to breastfeed, it just didnt feel right to ME. I had Jaces crib set up in another room before he was born. I thought that everything should happen on a exact timeline like it does with "other kids". 
After Jace was born. i did my research and became educated and decided not to circumcise, this shocked my husband because before i had my baby i was all for it. I just couldnt do it, and now, im so glad that i didnt. Unfortunately by the time that i realized that i should have breastfed it was too late, another lesson learned. As soon as Jace came home from the hospital we moved his crib into our room, and he didnt even sleep in it until he was almost 8 months old, he slept in his bouncer right next to our bed. This was because he ended up having reflux issues but also because i needed him right at arms reach for me to feel secure. He was swaddled until he was like 7 months old, again not the advice that would be given by "the pros" but its what worked for me and my baby, its the only way he would sleep. 
Jace has always managed to do most things a week or 2 later than what "the pros" say it should be and i used to get concerned by this. Thinking, is there something wrong with my boy? He hasnt rolled over yet and this website says he shouldve 2 days ago lol. Hell, to this day he still wont use a spoon  and his vocabulary is still a bit low. Last time he went to the dr he was off a couple points on his 15 month "testing" and the dr was asking if we wanted him in speech therapy?! Gees. So my point to all of this? Becoming a mother changes everything you ever thought you wanted or knew and kids, they do things when they are ready , not when a book tells them too!

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