Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Motherhood, Health and Life in general

Here i go with yet, another update blog lol But this time, its more of a general update , me, marriage, motherhood, health etc. 
Since having Jace my life has been completely different than it has ever been. To be expected, i know. Everything that i used to be, or that i thought was is now a distant memory replaced with a whole new person who lives to make her family happy. Being a mother is the most rewarding yet challenging experience ever. I am rewarded every single day by his smile, his giggles or getting to witness him learn something new. I am challenged everyday because it is my responsibility to make sure he grows up into a good person. Therefore i must be that good person i would want him to go up to be. At this age, teaching him right from wrong is a bit of a challange. Its like i know he understands but he doesnt all at the same time. I might as well put it out there, i am 100% anti-spanking. I do not believe in it what so ever so when it comes to discipline i have to find ways to teach him without resulting to hitting. I know that a lot of the time he does things just to get that reaction out of us and when he does he laughs. When he laughs it makes me wonder if he knows it was wrong and 2, it makes it hard for me to be serious and not laugh lol like i said, challenging. I know its a long road ahead!
Since having Jace my body has not been the same in any sense. My bp has remained slightly elevated. I still get swelling in my legs and despite the fact that when i left the hospital i was under my pre pregnancy weight, i have since gained a significant amount of weight. This could be caused by many factors, zoloft for anxiety, PCOS, lifestyle changes, Blood sugar issues. At this point I still do not know. For a few months i was very dedicated to cardio exercise and trying to eat healthier. In that time i lost a very little amount but sometimes even gained. It was frustrating to say the least and i guess at some point i gave up. I am now heavier than i was at the time i had Jace and heavier than i have ever been. I am not happy about it at all and am trying to find it within myself to jump back in. I know that i have to do it for me and my family and also so that i can continue to add to my family. (ill talk more about that in another blog)
Me and the hubby are doing good. we have def had our bumps in the road but as usual we always have overcome them and we always will. We are coming up on our 6 year wedding anniversary on april 25 , i cant believe how fast it has gone. Im hoping we will be able to do something special this year as i know we both need it so very much . Life has been pretty stressful at times this last couple years. But hey, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?
About a year ago i decided that i needed friends. LOL i really didnt have anyone local due to the fact that i was never really in a position to meet new people so i started a local moms group on facebook. Best thing i couldve done. Ive met so many wonderful friends and have had the rewarding experience of helping so many people in the process. Aside from being a stay at home mom and wife , thats what i do, I run a moms group. At this point there is somewhere around 140 members but that changes all the time. Recently i have decided to expand the group into something bigger, more of a community resource as well. I started a page which i hope will help local mothers find resources , advice and the friends that they need as well. I love helping people and one day i hope to make a big positive impact locally. I love what i do. I wouldnt change it for anything.
Now i need to get up and clean the house, a toddler tornado has totally destroyed many rooms lol. I also think he may be in the process of destroying yet another diaper as well. lol tmi much? Talk to you all later!

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