Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trip to the park & a walk on the trail

While it was nice outside for the earlier part of the day, we decided to take Jace to the park up the street. We played there for a little while, he loves the swings. We just introduced him to the slides , i think he likes it. Im just not sure he gets it yet. LOL. I wish the weather would get nice and stay that way already but i was thankful to be able to take him out for part of the day!

This evening and tonight i think it has dropped more than 30 degrees quickly. We had a lot of wind, again. Weve had a lot of it lately, and not just breezy wind. Like crazy, fly a house across the city windy lol We even had some more snow. I hate snow really. I like looking at it and thats about it. I guess i live in the wrong state. I hope you all are having a wonderful night! 

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