Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So after the rash started going away a couple days ago i thought i would be feeling fine, wrong again! Last night both me and hubby started getting some odd coughing thing and it sucks. This morning i woke up and feel like someone beat me in the chest with a baseball bat. Sad, I know. For some odd reason i just thought it was part of the strep throat and i would have to deal with some of the symptoms despite being on antibiotics since weds. today was my last day of the z pack and truthfully i feel worse now then when they told me i had "strep". I dont think i ever really got to feel the effects of the strep throat because they caught it as i was getting it or something. Anyways. My mom pointed out the obvious to me, strep doesnt go into your chest. I said to myself, duh brittany lol. I knew that. haha. so i called the drs and got an emergency appointment to find out whats going on. I went in a  115. First thing noticed, my bp was high, 142/90. thats especially high for me because my normal is like 118/19 ish. So this was quite scary. Then, again i told them that my arms, legs, feet and ankles are still very swollen. I took my last dose of prednisone yesterday but they are  still swelling. So the cause of the swelling , weight gain, {15lbs in 5 days} and the high bp is from the prednisone and i just have to wait it out. Until it leaves my system i will remain this way :( As far as being sick goes, they think its a viral upper respiratory infection. They wanted to do a chest x ray but i didnt think that i needed that.  So , the drs orders?? Bed rest, water, tylenol, ibuprofen, mucinex, water and lots of sleep. Keep my feet elevated and stay off them to keep the swelling under control. Right now i just feel crappy all together. I keep coughing but nothing will come out. Its just stuck there. :( I got two hours of sleep last night. I think that mostly due to anxiety.
Today is decided to finally take a HPT. i have been worried lately with all the meds that i have been given. What if i am preggo... etc... well for the first time in a very long time i was actually releived to see a BFN. I would have been very scared had it been positive. Well thats pretty much it for now. Im going to go lay in bed and hopefully sleep and get better soon. Night night.

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  1. Oh my gosh how awful! I hope you start feeling better soon!