Sunday, March 27, 2011

computer crashed and burned

well i was planning on updating my blog but the computer decided that it didnt wanna work any more so now i am writing this from my cell so i will make it short and sweet. basically i have gained a crap load of weight rapidly like thirty pounds in a few months. in turn my periods stopped i think i am on cd 59. this makes ttc impossible so after whining to my dr and making him listen to me he put me on metformin. i will start it sometime this week and will be working my way up to 2000 mg. i am hoping this will help me lose the weight and bring on ovulation. i never thought that i would kill to have the body that i had only four months ago that i hated so much. i guess it goes with the saying, you dont know what you got till its gone. my ultimate goal is to be at a size 13 to 15 in juniors because i am so tall. i stopped drinkin soda a month ago and have been eating what i consider to be right. so wish me luck

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  1. I hate gaining weight! I hope the Metformin works for you, I struggled off and on with working my way up the dosing scale, but once I got there, it was smooth sailing! Bet of luck my dear!