Monday, January 16, 2012

its been a longg time

Hey everyone! Its been such a long time since i have posted here. I apologize, but the good news is, im back! Just a quick update, we are still ttc. I am currently on fertilaid which seems to be helping to regulate my cycles. Thank God! I will continue to stay on them, probably till menopause at this point lol. Its coming up on 4 years in April since we first started ttc. This year however, im feeling extra hopeful that our time is coming soon. I believe that with God all things are possible! Me and Geromy are doing great as of right now, we did have a brief separation in August but again, we managed to pull through it! Here are a few recent pictures taken since i have been out of the blogging scene...
Maddie and Maizey, our new twin kittens, Unfortunatly we no longer have Kloud, he ran away from home when we moved in May of last year.
Me :) After i lost about 25 lbs that i gained in 2011.

Well i just wanted to post a quick update. I will be posting again very soon! hope everyone is doing well!!

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