Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here without you baby

"Im here without you baby, but your still on my lonely mind, i think about you baby, and i dream about you all the time, im here without you baby, but your still with me in my dreams, and tonight its only you and me"
That song gets to me everytime. But really it says it perfectly. I dream about my baby all the time, usually its a boy. He is so cute and perfect and usually looks the same everytime i dream about my baby. It may sound crazy to some people and others know exactly what i mean. When im dreaming its all so real to me and i know that one day my dream will be a reality therefore i have decided that i will never give up until its real. Im usually not one to give up anyways. So if i have to spend the next 20 years trying i will. PCOS may have been making things harder and making it feel almost impossible but i think its just there to make me really cherish a miracle when it finally happens. PCOS is making my life hell is some areas, well alot of them really. My hormones get so out of whack that i cant even think straight sometimes. I get so moody. I have constant pelvic cramps that totally suck. The hair keeps growing in in places that it shouldnt. I hardly eat and yet i still gain the weight. My face breaks out like im a hormonal teenager just hittin puberty. Ugh it just sucks. But i have decided that i will not let it take over my life or define who i am. Its just another block in the road which life is full of. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and no matter what, always stay positive :)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for following me! I've read most of your entire blog and your journey and feelings are so incredibly similar to what mine was before I had Hannah! I also have PCOS. We tried over 2 years and finally had our miracle! So there is soooooo much hope ;)