Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ugh, whats wrong with me

Ok i guess its about that time again where i am feeling just horrible about everything. So im sorry in advance if you read this only to wish you wouldnt have. Im having so many issues right now and i dont even know where to begin. First the word relaxation is not even in my dictonary. I dont know the last time that i felt relaxed and comfortable and im not sure why that is. I could be sittin doing nothing at all and im still tense and uptight and worrying my butt off. Not just about any one thing in particular, just EVERYTHING. I constantly feel like crud, im guessing i can thank PCOS for that one. Never have any energy to do anything anymore. I cant even sleep unless i take some sort of sleep aid and even then sometimes i cant or i wake up throughout the night. When i lay down to go to sleep something inside my head switches over to thinking mode and i cant turn it off!!!!

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