Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Babies and things

So the hubby and i decided quite sometime ago that we werent going to be the type that goes out and buys the baby stuff until we are actually pregnant. We figured that would be setting our hopes to high so since we have decided that, i just go to the store and look at the things that i would get when i get pregnant. LOL so the other day i took my camera to target with us and took some pictures of some of the things that i want to get for our baby.
I totally love this, its blue brown and a light green, so i guess i could say that i would get it for a girl or boy. BTW hubby thinks it would be better to get one of these rather than a whole crib. that works for me :)

Now, If i knew it was a girl i would prolly go with this one its sooo damn cute!! Im totally into this brown thing anymore, its like the new black! :)
awww i loveee this is so cute. I really want a girl!!
so as i sit here having hot flashes and feeling like crap from the fertility meds, i look at these and it somehow makes it all worth it, I really hope this is our month, would be a christmas miracle for me :)


  1. Oh my gosh. I totally do the same thing. Everytime we go to Target I HAVE to look at the baby things. It what keeps me going. I admit though that I have bought some clothes already but I've limited myself only to whats on sale.

  2. LOL yeah pretty much any store we go into i must look at all the baby stuff, i get pretty emotional tho :)