Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365- Day 1

Yeah, so im a little bit late on this. But i just found out what it was. So basically its a challenge to post one picture per day for 365 days, the whole year. Since im late on this i will not sit here and try and catch up, ill just spend the next 365 days posting a picture everyday, yes that put me into 2012, im aware of that!! haha
Picture # 1
There it is folks. Another bfn. However, i feel kinda stupid for this because hubby pointed it out that i took it too early, and to make matters even worse i took one on the 16th too! HAHAHA Today i am 7dpo so i took these tests at 4dpo and 6dpo, idk what the heck i was thinking, But at least i still have the hope for this month. I gotta tell you tho, i really dont think it happened this month. IDK i could be wrong. I have a dr appointment on friday and im pretty sure im going to ask him to put me back on metformin. My weight has jumped up uncontrollably and im sick of it. I really dont eat alot. So this is just insane.
We are going to go tomorrow night and look at a house and i hope everything turns out great!!
well thats pretty much it for the night, i hope you all are doing well. :)

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