Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update- Provera day one

I was really hoping that my period would show up on its own as it has for like the last 6 or seven months. No such luck, on CD 43 or something now and still not here. Dr wanted me to start provera today and take it for ten days before i go in for my appt on the 8th. I really didnt/dont wanna take it, not sure why. I dont like taking things that are new, but it seems like im going to have to start getting used to it at this point. The only side effect ive had so far is my heart was speeding up a bit, which inturn sky-rocketed my anxiety. Not a good combination. Thank god for zoloft lol. 9 more days of it to go and i cant make it hurry and quicker lol. I knew that it was only a matter of time after coming off bc pills that my cycles would go completly out of whack again. Im not lucky enough to have been cured!!

So ive been thinking about this whole infertility thing im going through. Its more than just emotional pain. I get blood drawn every two weeks which bruises the hell outta my arms its worth it tho. And i think its kinda funny about how many people have to look at my women parts every two weeks lmao. Last time i had a internal ultrasound their were three people in the room, the dr the nurse and an MA lol its kinda funny, i dont even care anymore. Here it is ladies and gentlemen do what u gotta do. I have found that real soon here im going to be laying on my back a majority of the time lmao sorry tmi i know. Gotta have some kinda humor tho right?! i will get through all this. In the mean time i just gotta live laugh and love<3 thanks for reading. have a great night

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