Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well i certainly have neglected the hell out of this blog havent i?! lol I have been super busy making my "Bc's Designs" page that i havent had time for much of anything else. I am running between the computer and the kitchen doing dishes, from the computer to the washer and dryer doing laundry, computer to the bathroom to clean it and on top of all that been dealing with my ADHD/RAD step son who was suspended from school for the 6th time in two months. Oh the lovely joys of being a house wife, im not complaining tho :D lol.
So for any of you who are interested in getting your blog designed or maybe you want some christmas greeting cards designed , or maybe you need invitations Go here!

Oh and by the way, yes my blog page looks like crap. it is under construction so please do not laugh! lol i have been neglecting that too, but i promise im starting on my new design tonight so it will be lookin fantastic in no time ;)
Not really to much else going on, just starting to get ready for the holidays that are fastly approaching us, AGAIN! I love the holidays though.
Well i just wanted to give a quick update, gonna go finish somethings now, hope all is well.

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