Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another day

Hey there everyone today was a pretty good day. Its Lil Geromy's birthday so we went to get him a cake at king soopers only to find that they didnt have any good kids cakes pre made. Ugh. The baker there said they want a 24 hour notice so that they can have the cake ready. She must have seen that we were bummed because she pulled a cake outta the freezer and made an iron man cake for us within a half hour! She was so so nice and wanting to help. Its hard to find people like that anymore so we were very pleased about that. :) We had a few of the nighbor kids come over and did a little party for him. {Will post pics of that later.} Anyways we relaxed for a bit before we went and got the pizza. Then we went to the parade of lights downtown, which was awesome, ive been trying to go for like the last four years and for whatever, never made it. So im really happy that we went this year and got to see all the school marching band lit up in the parade, even though it was so cold that my legs and my "rear end" was frozen numb! haha The funniest thing about it was that the last float in the parade was santa, and for some odd reason they were playing rock music on the float, i was expecting him to get up and act like a super here haha. Santa is rockin out this year :) 
When we got home, my lovely adorable hubby decided that he was going to force me to open a christmas gift early, he was so excited about it and literally took my hand and made me open it, haha. Anyways, he got me a new digital camera which is awesome! I love my hubby. He is the bestest. :)
So that pretty much sums up my dad, now just sittin here relaxing about to hop into a hot shower and just relax with Geromy for the rest of the night. Goodnight everyone.

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