Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a bust

Well, this month was a bust in terms of baby acheiving. The stupid witch showed her ugly ugly face today. Im thinking i "o'd" late because today would have been cd 34 so im guessing we missed the big o, at least we know it worked though. So this month, i will go back to temping and charting and really be paying attention to my body. Yeah, im totally bummed that this wasnt my month but i kinda feel partly at fault for that.
Anywho, i cant beleive its already December, time really does fly by. Lil geromys b day is on saturday and then the hubbys is on December 9th, Then christmas is fastly approaching. I love the holidays, its my favorite time of the year. The christmas trees, the smell of winter, all the christmas lights and the movies. I just love it, its so calming to me for some reason. I still have to do all of the hubbys christmas shopping yet and he is practically done with mine, ugh im such a slacker but thats ok. I know what im getting him and its all online, so no store hassles, i know it will always be in stock and i dont even have to get out of my cozy pj's :) Well, i gotta go pick the kid up from school now, so i hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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