Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Havent posted in a bit

Hello again. Once again i havent posting i have been soo busy. But here i am and things have finally calmed down and i have a few minutes. Today i am on CD 15 and either on ovulation day or 1dpo. Not sure, temp spiked up very high this morning, it was almost shocking really lol.We used preseed this month. three times so far and so far i like it but i must say-TMI- the applicator sucks! Ouch. All im saying is they may wanna design it a little bit better! Am i the only one who thinks this? Anyways im really praying that this is our month. It was the last month on meds for now and then its all natural from there- minus the preseed. On the topic of clomid. I think it made me gain weight.. at least ten lbs. I am not pleased with this outcome. AS if i didnt have enough problems with weight gain. I plan to order zumba soon. I am thinking that it looks fun, and would be something i could totally get into.
My blog design is doing better, im finally getting customers. I knew it would take sometime to get going. Well thats about all i have to say right now, pretty uneventful day today :)

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