Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello world.

Hello everyone. Today has been a pretty decent day other than the face that im totally out of energy and cant sleep at night so i sleep all day! IDK whats going on with all of that. Hormones are also a bit off as well. Im thinking that is due to ovulation. IDK. My temp spiked up really high yesterday and then dropped way low today. From what im understanding thats called fallback rise.?? LOL im not to worried about it, i know were covering all our bases ;)
So something pretty funny happened. I was still up around two am this morning and got hungry so i went to look in the freezer and what do i find of all things? A glitter gel glue pen. LOL i was like wth! But thats how you know you have a child in the same house. It was pretty funny. It was just "one of those moments that make you smile".
So it looks like we will be moving here pretty soon and i couldnt be more excited. Usually i would be blah about it but my hubby is a professional mover and he likes people to just stay outta his way so he can do it his way. Im sooo fine with that lol, i hate moving.
I completly redeisned BC Designs recently. A lot of new things going on over there on the page. I encourage you to check it out! To all my pcos cysters there is a special discount just for you! Contact me on facebook for more information on that.
Night night everyone.

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  1. A glitter pen?! How funny! I love the new design too. You are so creative! I hope that you are ovulating and will be pregnant this month!!!