Thursday, December 23, 2010

A couple firsts for me this week.

This week has been very chaotic and busy around here. We were out more than we were home, hell i even think we spent more time at target than we did at home. This house was a disaster this morning thankfully i got it mostly cleaned up. All the christmas gifts are wrapped and i finally got my christmas cards sent out lol. Hopefully they get there before new years at this point. Tuesday night me, hubby and dad went to carrabas italian grill for dinner, omg it was fantastic!!! I had never been there before but it was surely a great place!
Last night my hubby took me to see TRON at the 3d imax it was sooo awesome! The screen was like five stories tall and like 20 wide. it was soo much fun and the movie was great too. Its been quite a long time since hubby and i have had a night to ourselves. When we got out of the theatre it was sooo foggy outside we could barely see 30 ft in front of our faces, so it was a pretty interesting ride home at 30 mph haha.
Now some updates about my lil infertility journey, I broke down this morning and took a hpt and well, it was a BFN.  Im pretty sure i tested a bit to early so im thinking im going to test sunday maybe. Not sure yet. My temps are still up so im not giving up hope yet. Im just so scared that this cycle will be a bust i think it will be the hardest. I keep looking at the presents under the tree and thinkin about how wonderful it would be to have something under there for baby. :(
Anyways im pretty sure that im gettin sick. My throat and the back of my sinus' are hurting, ick. Just in time for christmas huh.

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  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive test!! Sounds like you and hubby had a nice date night. That is so fun!