Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I knew it would be the hardest

Well i havent wrote for a few days, since before christmas. So here is a recap of things that have been going on.
Christmas day was  pretty good. I got up on christmas morning and took a pregnancy test with all the hope and confidence in the world. It was Negative. Ugh. I cried for a bit and picked myself back up and did my very best to have a good day and told myself i prolly tested early again. I was 11 dpo. Had a pretty good rest of the day with hubby and my dad.  I feel very blessed to have gotten the things that i did. Got most of what i wanted actually. Hubby got me a new digital camera, i got a few movies i wanted ( twilight eclipse, my sisters keeper, & Remember me) i got two seasons of 7th heaven, seasons 1 & 2. I got my fav perfume, curve, A make up brush kit and my favorite of all, my new bedding set i have been wanting for quite sometime. A dark brown comforter and a light blue sheet set. 450 thread count and oh so comfy, here is a pic, but it does no justice lol
haha sorry about the mess on the bed was putting christmas stuff away:) A big thanks to my hubby and my dad for getting this for me even though they could not figure out why it was so expensive :)
We didnt have Lil Geromy Christmas day but we did have him sunday evening, for those of you who do not know, we have him everyother week for a week at a time. Anyways here are some pictures from sunday when he got here and got to open his presents.
" oh no, is it clothes?"

woo hoo grandpa del got him a psp!

Nothing too much went on on monday hubby was off work so we spent most of the day watching 7th heaven lol.
Today was pretty uneventful as well, except when i realized i was 14 dpo and my temps were still up and no signs of af, so as usual i got really excited and was thinkin :this is it" hubby and i went and got a 3 pack of first response HPT and i was soooo nervous when i went to take the test that my heart was pounding. I watched it as it read, and sadly, it was only one pink, lonely line. I walked into the bedroom layed down and cried for prolly about an hour. Hysterically. I knew this would be the hardest month for me since everything was lookin so positive and we did everything right, so i was just, devastated.

there it is. ugly stupid BFFN yes there is an extra "f" in there and im sure you can all figure out what it means ;) So i guess its on to next month. Have a great night everyone.


  1. That really sucks! I hope you are doing ok. Hang in there!

  2. I'm right there with you on the "BFFN" I'm just mad, at my body and at the world in general.

  3. Yeah im pretty irritated. It really sucks POAS everymonth only to be dissapointed. :(