Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Temp dropped this AM

So last night after i got over the whole BFFN i started to think maybe i would be one of those people who gets late BFP. So my hope was raised just a bit and i figured i would wait a couple days and test again. So much for that my temp dropped this morning down to the cover line and im all sorts of crampy today. Ugh i hate u mother nature, what did i do to deserve you coming around again? I thought i asked you nicely to stay away  for at least 9 months. I see that being nice gets me no where lol.
Anyways i think im ok with this now, in a few days i will start my next round of pills and hubby says were going to try as hard as we can this month. Were also going to use pre-seed to see if maybe that helps.
Today i intend on some, Winter Cleaning. The house needs it really. And my stepson seems to think that i am his private maid service therefore he can just make messes everywhere and i will clean them up! LOL its time for a reality check! talk to you all later and hope you have a wonderful day :)

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