Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Over the last few days i have had many things come up that i wanted to blog about. I just havent found the moment that i truly felt like blogging, until now.

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The first thing that i wanted to write about is, Children watching "R" rated movies. On facebook i got many opinions and thoughts on the topic. It seems that many people think that its a matter of how mature the child is. I agree with this, to a certain point. I am not the type that will freak out because their is bad language in a movie. I am talking about, blood, guts, gore, sexuality, and over all, psycho killers running around hacking up children. I believe that watching things like this can take the innocence of childhood away. I definitly do not think that movies like this are in anyway appropriate for children under like at least 10. Even then its still questionable. Geromy and I, Do not let my step son watch anything rated "R" at all. No questions about it, if its rated "R" he does not watch it. However he does watch a lot of PG 13 movies depending on why its rated PG 13. If its just for minor violence or language, usually its fine. Does this make us to strickt? I dont think so. Now we also have many reasons for being this way. Lil Geromy unfortunatly is not like most children his age. He has a lot of emotional and psychological issues going on that he is in therapy for.  He says and does things that you would never expect to hear from an 8 year old second grader. But, would it be any different with any of our other kids in the future? No. We still stand our ground on our beliefs of childhood innocence. I am in no way saying that people who allow this are bad parents. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and own ways of doing whats best for their children. But honestly i cant see letting little kids see such horrible things. Thats just  me.
Next of my list of things to write about.

Motherhood Vs. Stepmotherhood
Is their really a difference?
The other night i rented this movie. Motherhood. As i was watching it, it got me thinking. Why is it that stepmothers do not get the credit they deserve?? I do all the same things a mother does for my step son. We have him exactly half of the time, the same amount that his mother has him. So naturally i am just as big of a part of his life as his mother is. I wash his laundry, i help with home work, school projects, the dreaded disiplin when he needs it, the showers , the birthdays, the holidays, the goos, the bad, the sick times, the health times,the lectures on proper behavior, i cook, i clean, i sometimes run my self ragged while being a wife and step mother. Yet on mothers day, do i get any kind of big recognition? No. I think that step mothers are just as good as mothers. No we didnt deliver them ourselves, but we sure do go out of our way to take care of our children. Just saying. In many movies and cartoons, Step mothers are made out to be horrible and wicked and in reality most of the time its not like that at all. We just want acceptance. I do not have a big hairy wart on my nose. I just want the best for my step son and will do everything i can to make sure thats what he gets. I love him like he is my own.
So to sum it all up. Yes stepmothers are mothers too!
Here are a few pictures of my step son. :)

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