Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whats going on with the world these days?

So i didnt sleep much last night. So after i dropped Lil Geromy off at school this morning i went back to bed with the intentions of waking up around ten to do the things around the house that need to get done. Well, my phone rings its hubby and i need to go back to the school to get Lil Geromy because hes sick and its already 12:30! Wow i pretty much slept half of the day away. So anyways, I am on my way to the school and on the side of the road i see a drug needle and beer bottles. I am thinking to myself, what kind of person would throw a used drug needle on the side of the road right in front of a school! What if some young child found it and picked it up and decided to play with it? :( its sad.
So anyways, we get home and Lil Geromy pulls out a nice mens guess watch! Im like wth lol. Where did this come from? He said he traded some kid for it, in exchange for this nice watch he traded a popper?? lol im thinking that this kid prolly took his dads watch or something? Need to call the school and find out. And then. I turn around and Lil Geromy is throwing up the west side gang sign. He said his friend taught it to him because his Friends dad is a "gangbanger" :O. I told him to not throw up signs like that and had to explain to him why it was not ok.
So moving along, I still have so much to do today and unfortunatly i can not find the energy to do and even if i did have the energy i wouldnt know where to start. The kitchen, the laundry, the bathroom, the living room, our bedroom. So many choices lol. I need to come up with some sorta routine for the day that way i can just get up and go in order to get things done. There should be a manual for stay at home wives on how to get everything done without feeling so overwhelmed. Oh and in addition to all of that stuff i have to do , i still have to cook dinner and take a shower. We need more hours in a day.

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  1. I'm with you! We definitely need more hours in the day! Hope you are having a great week!