Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 2- your spouse

I met Geromy in Febuary of 2007 on My Space. Lol yes on my space. I had just went through an incredibly bad break-up and i was REALLY hating men at the time. So the poor guy, without knowing, emailed me out of nowhere just to say hi. Well i spent the next two hours on messenger complaining and talking crap about men in general, you woulda thought that would have been enough to scare him, but nope! he wanted to talk more! Crazy guy lol. We started texting back and fourth and he always kept trying to get me to go meet him but i wouldnt. I dont know why, i think i was scared. I always had a feeling that something would come out of it and i was scared of being hurt. So, i always would make up some excuse as to why i wouldnt. Finally, April 20, 2007 i decided to just do it. We went to a party at a friends house. It was odd, we stood on oppisite ends of the room lol. We didnt really even talk.. well then the alcohol started kicking in and i think that broke the ice! We had a goodtime, well until we ended up in the er but we dont need to talk about that right now haha.

We kept seeing each other every single day. Geromy said he wasnt ready for a relationship and i just said ok and agreed, he kept saying it. The odd thing is that i wasnt even asking for one. HAHA he was trying to fight himself. Well two weeks after meeting he decided that he wanted to make it official :) Two weeks after that, we moved intogether.
Im not going to go into every single detail of things because i really dont have time to sit here and write a book lol. We got engaged in like Feb 2008 married on April 25th 2008.

Weve been through a lot in our relationship and marriage. But now at this point in time i think we are stronger than we have ever been. I truly feel that god intended for Geromy to be in my life because no matter what he has done i am able to see through all the bad parts of everything. Something ive never been able to do. He is my world, My love, My everything. Im not sure that he knows that , but he is.
Geromy is a  very unique person that takes a lot of getting used to. LOL Thats one thing i love about him. He is so different from everyone else. I dont think i have ever been with someone who i actually felt loved me the way that he does. I know its unconditional with him. I now know that there is almost nothing that can break us. We have been through a lot in these last 3 and a half years, more than most couples go through in years of marriage. Anyways, that about sums it up. I love you Geromy Michael Christman! Your my world. You are my happy ending.

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