Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog challenge day 3- your parents

My Dad's name is Delane. My step mom her name is Dale.
Dale, passed away November 30, 2007 after a long struggle with auto immune hepatitis that turned into a rare form of cancer after her liver transplant that she got. Dale was one of the strongest people that i have ever met, never complained of pain even though we always knew she was in more pain than most people would be able to handle. Dale was only in our lives a short but sweet five years. She made such an impact on mine and my dads life, really on anyones lives that she ever met. My dad met her sometime in 2002 after we first moved to Colorado from Arizona. He was dating her only about two weeks before he found out sick she was so he moved her and her 13 year old son into our home to take care of her because none of her familiy would at this point. I beleive that Dale was sent as a blessing to us as we were sent as a blessing to her to take care of her and give her love while she went through this terrible time in her life. I love you Dale, miss you always.
My Dad has always been there for me, truthfully he even taught me how to shave my legs and straighten my hair lol. Ive always been daddys girl. I remember when i was little i would go to work with him (he does construction) with my lil tikes plastic tool set and try and help him work. I remember going to get "thrifty" ice cream with him all the time, i got cherry chocolate :). He and my Mom spilt up when i was about 8 years old. Things arent always meant to last forever and i quickly accepted that. My dad raised a lil girl the best he knew how, telling me about boys, and all that fun other stuff and i know that must have been hard on him, Thanks dad! lol. My dad has worked in construction for about 30 years now and he is one of the hardest workers i know.
My dad gave up everything to take care of Dale and her son and i think it is truly the most amazing thing that he has ever done in his life. It changed him forever, finding dale, loving dale, losing dale. Me and my dad dont always get a long but i believe thats because we are so much alike :) I love you dad!

My moms name is Doreena, Wow i have a lot of people in my life thats name starts with a "D", lol anyways. My mom lives in grand junction colorado about 5 hours away from me. :( thats too far in my opinion. Thats actually where a majority of my family lives, i just could never live there, im not a fan, no offense guys! lol. My mom is one of the funniest people ever and has a great personality and at the same time always knows how to make me feel better when im worried or when im down. My mom has gone through a lot in her life as well and i look up to her for that. It lets me know i can get through anything that life throws my way. Im like her in a lot of ways too,i always thought i looked like my dad but as i get older i look like her more and more everyday, arent i lucky! we some hot chicks!! haha i love you mom!

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