Friday, November 26, 2010

yay for the big "O"!

Well its been awhile since i have posted on this blog and im sorry. I went through some emotional things with this whole ttc thing. But just like i always i got back up and dusted it all off. I went to my mid-luteal appointment on weds. That went ok, they were saying just based off my ultrasound that it didnt look like i o'd but they would have to wait on my blood tests to confirm, speaking of the blood tests, that was a nightmare i have one blown vein with a very nasty bruise on my arm and 1 hole in each hand from these attempts all they needed was 3 tubes of blood and it took a good 1/2 hour to get them. lol im truly a pin cushion any more but im gettting used to it slowly. Anyways they called back later in the afternoon and told me i did infact ovulate, and not a weak ovulation a strong one! woo hoo i was soo happy. I plan on taking another test in about a week and then just waiting till my next appt Dec 8th. Then we move on to round two! All i can do is keep hoping and praying that this will all work out for us! Well thats about all the updates i have right now, i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, Goodnight.

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