Monday, November 22, 2010

Just another day

Well today was just another day, with a lil dose of marital drama lol. U know your marriage is a good one when you have a total blow out fight every once in awhile, lets u know that you still care enough to fight. Even with that being said its still a very hard thing to deal with. Weve been through a lot worse tho so i am still thankful that we are able to overcome so much together. My dad has been telling me lately that marriage will only work if your spouse is your best friend. Thankfully Me & Geromy are best friends. That doesnt mean we always agree tho ;) Pcos, Infertility and TTC def put a strain on things, not for the better. If each one of those things alone wasnt stressful enough, add all three and what do you have?? Temporary war zone lol but at the end of the day this will always remain..
sure, he annoys me and pisses me off sometimes, but thats just because he knows how to push my buttons which means he knows me to well haha
Anyways not much else going on today, i think i am getting a cold, which im surprised i didnt get one sooner. I get sick at least 4 times a year, but not yet! which is a good thing because ima big baby when i get sick lol Well, off to take a shower now, night night everyone.

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